Computer Chronicles Revisited

I launched Computer Chronicles Revisited in 2021. This blog reviews the PBS television series Computer Chronicles that first aired between 1983 and 2002. Each post provides an in-depth summary of a single episode along with extensive research into what became of the people, products, and companies featured on that particular program. As of August 2023, I have covered over 100 episodes.


For several years, I have contributed guest posts to the Zip2Tax corporate blog. Zip2Tax provides sales and use tax rates and information for businesses in the United States. My guest posts focus on recent court cases and legislation affecting sales and use tax.


In 2023, I contributed a series of guest blogs to PythonGUIs, a website by software developer Martin Fitzpatrick that provides information on graphical user interfaces for the Python programming language. My posts discussed intellectual property issues affecting open source software development.


I authored over 100 articles for SuperLawyers, a ThomsonReuters website that provides information on a wide range of legal topics.

Chronicles Revisited Podcast

In February 2023, I launched the Chronicles Revisited Podcast as a supplement to my blog. Each episode provides a 20 to 30 minute look at a story that I previously featured on the blog. The podcast is available at the Computer Chronicles Revisited website as well as through all major podcast distributors.